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Updesh Kaur Photography

There is so much beauty in worlds of fantasy. Stories that go beyond our reality, filled to the brim with creativity and imagination. Growing up, I would completely immerse myself in movies and video games. I would let my mind run free and imagine the kind of character I would be if I was a part of it all.

My work can help to visualise that. Imagine yourself as a character straight out of your favourite movie or book. My aim is to bring a vision of that from your imagination into a real, tangible form.

I work closely with clients to tailor-make your session. From overall aesthetic down to the smallest details in your outfit, it will be an experience like no other!

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We chose Updesh to be our photographer because from the moment we met her she radiated confidence and calm. She respected our choices and we had so much fun during the shoots. Nothing felt forced, and everything flowed. All the photographs were so beautiful and even better than we envisioned. We will cherish them forever.

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